Unforseen circumstances with a bit of luck.

Well it’s quite an interesting story to how I finally can convince myself to use WordPress (the wide array of minimalist themes is a major factor), with all considerations that I used to find WordPress the most boring blogging site way back in secondary school. But having almost tried all blogging sites that I know of, from Blogger (Don’t like it now), to Livejournal (when I needed to hide some posts from certain people, but died off after a while because it wasn’t very user friendly), to getting lost in Xanga totally, to Tumblr (currently in usage & I’m so glad I started using Tumblr, but the fear of too many eyes, even when I don’t publicize my tumblr much after April 2010 fiasco, had led to a private tumblr, which in a way defeats the purpose of having a not-highly-publicised blog), WordPress is probably the only one I have yet to explore.

P.S. With all realization, I have just rambled like crazy above, but ohwell, it’s hard to organize my thought flow sometimes, forgive me!

But the real reason, is to improve my presentation of my flow of thoughts (*looks at first paragraph* YEAH RIGHT), be more thoughtful of the world around me, and to think more objectively of everything that I encounter, rather than emotionally.

P.S.S Shall I mention that I’m very impressed after reading certain people’s WordPress(es), and I’m ashamed that I have yet to reach that standard? It’s never too late to start on my 2012 resolution to “Keep my emotions in check” & “2012; Growing Up”.

I won’t need to explain my background; if by any chance you happen to knock on the door of onestoptoparis, most probably you know me rather well. I know it’s bad to assume, but I have no wish to mention my background yet again. So if you don’t know me, it doesn’t matter, let’s start on a clean slate.

One thing to clarify: onestoptoparis isn’t going to be like my usual blogs that I have in the past and present. Nope, I won’t mention the things that affect me in life whatsoever, it’s just going to be objective thinking on issues that I come across, hopefully able to use the Ivan’s 3-tiered Structure to organize my medley of thoughts.

Now in keeping this place quiet? I won’t go all out to let everyone know of onestoptoparis‘ existence. I’ll just blog as I go along, if anyone were to find this place, then I welcome you to witness my many (hopefully not futile) attempts in writing like how I used to.

So here goes, the start of my journey to objective writing & enjoying the simple joys in life.

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