Ignorance is Bliss… Or Escapism?

3 very nice HTHT sessions with different groups of people in a space of 3 consecutive days had been a much fulfilling experience. It’s nice to know more about what goes behind the scenes of the lives of individuals that you thought you know so well.

It matters so much now to talk things out, because what you may perceive & believe, may not be the case, simply due to inadequate knowledge. In the process of growing up, one will start to have a much bigger perspective of things, and view the world much differently. In all honesty, the world is mostly a scary place to stay in; staying at the top requires so much than just a quick-witted mind & sharp tongue. This brings about the tendency to just stay ignorant, stay low and let life pass you by. The temptation to live in a “peaceful” world is just around the corner, because who don’t want a haven of smiles?

But then again, does ignorance always brings about bliss? Or is it just plain refusal to accept the world as it is and adapting to the changing cultures of the way the world runs? Will knowing less mean you can pretend the world is like a child’s perspective?

I admit, I’m afraid of growing up myself. I’m starting to understand things that I should have seen a long time ago. I was afraid to accept what was coming, all I wanted was to remain in my own little world and cry over the loss. But I can’t be that innocent & pure anymore. With growing up, comes responsibilities. & that’s something I need to accept; there’s no more time in putting it off. The world isn’t as easy as saying Ps & Qs to get what one desires, or sheer effort & hard work will bring about success & dreams coming true. It’s unfortunate how when we grow up from kids to adults, such simple facts of life are forgotten, because of greed & power. It’s this change, that make me want to make sure, that I won’t get killed by it, but resist such a change and grow stronger from it.

This brings me back to the point of the importance of knowing more, understanding more, and talking it out. How is one supposed to know how to adapt and find his defence to the harshness of the world, if he has no knowledge of the 5Ws 1H of life & the societal norms? It’s only through awareness, that one seeks for answers in order to understand, so that he can move on, find ways to protect himself from falling to the monsters.

There’s still people in this world who have turned against the monsters, & building up their own defenses to protect those who they care about, & still innocent about what’s behind the black veil of life. For that, I’m thankful for such people in my life. It’s now my turn, to learn how to protect those around me, & not go to the dark side.

If you feel like shooting me after reading this, it’s just pure proof that you are the monster. I’m just stating pure facts. I’m tired of hiding under fear already. Yup.

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