Letting go; redefined.

Tranquil Space

Everest Hamptons+Multi+Stripe+-+Black+Contemporary+Octagon+Rug

We have all been through stuff – relationships and situations – that left behind a host of residual feelings, often negative, that contributed heaviness and unpleasantness to  life. Often we tend to hold on to these negative residual feelings, as if they were the legitimate currency of  an oil rich state. We hold on to these feelings as an act of rebellion, regret, sadness, anger or grief. We are often advised to ‘Let go’. We often hear that ‘Letting go’ is the key to moving on in life. We are nudged towards ‘Letting go’ as it is subjectively understood by the nudger. It’s all good and dandy. But…the point to note is that the ‘Letting Go’ that is being talked about, is a process that happens to each individual in a unique way. Some of us rationalize a situation….some talk things through and then talk some more. And some of…

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