keep calm & bake

Last December, I gathered some fellow cupcakes enthusiasts to go on a cupcake hunt with me.

We called ourselves..


I know what you’re thinking.

photo credits to

hahahhahaaha. kinda hilarious but cute at the same time.

So there were 4 of us, and about 9 cupcakes shops we shortlisted to try on our list.

They are:

  1. Twelve Cupcakes
  2. Awfully Chocolate
  3. Cupcake Engineer
  4. Cupcakes with Love
  5. Cher’s Cupcakes
  6. Swirls Bake Shop
  7. Plain Vanilla Bakery
  8. Lamb Cupcakery
  9. FiveOne Degrees

We decided that we would try 1 red velvet cupcake & 1 other flavour(specials for the day or recommended flavours) from each store After all, we were gonna be eating 18 cupcakes that day! Each of us took a few stores to buy from, met at a final destination and tasted all cupcakes in one go.

Our reviews included the following criteria:

  1. Taste & texture of cupcake
  2. Taste & texture…

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