A series of fortunate events & a learning lesson;

It’s been a long while since I typed here, and yes, I’m still so angsty and brooding over what happened today, that I suppose I need to get them down in writing before I can sleep in peace.

Well I didn’t expect much to happen when I realised that I didn’t bring my phone along while I was on the train to school, but was I proven so wrong! True, nothing much happened during the morning lecture till 2 plus (whereby there was so much spam in 10/09 chat & a picture of Turtle sleeping taken just for me =.=), but when I ended lecture, I totally forgot to contact Turtle to tell him I’m on my way to campsite. So after an hour plus journey, I reached campsite, feeling extremely exhausted, to which I was told by Ms F that they ended at 2 plus as well! I shall not elaborate what happened at campsite, but I basically became her angel, just for my unforeseen presence, because of what happened earlier before I came, & I was really heartbroken by it, and REALLY ANGRY (I will address why later). Thank goodness she was there, I could contact Turtle who was by then dead worried because I wasn’t replying his smses.

Left for B&J @ The Cathay, whereby I got tricked by A Sir and juniors that Turtle went to wait for me at Cineleisure, thinking that I would confuse between The Cathay & Cineleisure (which I did, when I was in PS), and told me to wait for him with them. Got a sweet back hug with lots of AWWWWWWs a few seconds later ❤ Clarified with them on what happened at campsite & told them about Ms F. & feeling worse than ever after that. Hopefully he will get his just desserts!

Went to Turtle’s house for dinner cooked by his mum, YUM YUM ❤



Respect, what’s that? Can it be eaten?

You do not THROW YOUR WEIGHT AROUND & TAKE CHARGE OF THE THING AS IF YOU ARE THE IC. No matter how not so good they are, PLEASE GIVE THEM THE BASIC RESPECT. I don’t really care who you are & what’s your rank etc. Just by being so big-headed and disrespectful to both the REAL ICs and Ms F., says alot about you. YOU EARN THE RESPECT, NOT GAIN IT THROUGH YOUR POWER & the ranks on your shoulders. If you call yourself as such, then please, prove yourself that you indeed earned and deserve where you are today. It’s disappointing how you embarrassed the entire class (to which ALL ARE FREAKING JUNIORS) left a possibly bad impression on the ICs.

I’m so disgusted by your actions. Whatever your justifications, are they properly sound? Not only that, it wasn’t just you who left, but __ Sir & _ Sir too. & it’s not like you three are rushing anywhere, you waited for SOMEONE ELSE OUTSIDE. WELL DONE. Call yourself an _______, when you are potraying such childish behaviour.

I’m done. I’m just not going to give any ounce of my respect to those who don’t deserve it. Basic respect will be there, that’s it.

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