Slow down, smell the flowers;

Sad isn’t it, how the N shape is always lurking around the corner to kidnap you away from your date with the U shape? 
Sad isn’t it, how as you grow up, you gradually locked the chest with the fun and kiddish self inside, with the serious self invading your entire soul?
Sad isn’t it, how you are being thrown with scorning eyes, spat at with critical words, just for letting yourself run free once in a while?

Maybe this is why, the only time we can have fun and smile genuinely with simple thoughts, is childhood.

Let your hair down for a while, won’t you? What’s the point of being serious for 24/7, is it going to get you anywhere in life? What’s the point of being so serious, if it cannot bring you a simple smile?

Maybe that’s why the world is cruel in a way. Sad, isn’t it?

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