Seriously, Who Wants To Be Normal?

Thought Catalog

“Who wants to be normal, anyway?”

If understanding oneself is hard enough, putting words to that slippery, elusive substance is nothing less than a Herculean feat.  A host of factors contributes to self-conception and self-description – into how we package ourselves into language.  One rather fun way of comparing perception and reality is through the medium of online dating sites.  In that context, let’s examine the use of the word “weird.”

As adolescents, many of us railed against the notion of being “normal.”  To be normal implied abandoning one’s individuality in favor of a soulless cubicle or loveless marriage – or whatever depressing image we associated with our parents.  To be normal was high treason against our complex, inimitable snowflake souls that would not be hemmed in or dictated to.  As we grew older, many of us learned that our most profound and original musings belong to other people, that…

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