The next phase of life; fulfilling with important needs and feelings

Haven’t been back here for the longest time (I know), but have been reading the blogs here and there so…. As a final 14 days countdown to my last paper (plus not resting on my laurels here because I don’t want to fail this paper too; a pass will do I hope), and a 21 days countdown to entering the working world, there’s a lot to reminisce about my 16 years of education.

Much as I do want to enter the working world (LIKE FINALLY), I will definitely miss school life for all the free time it occurs. Entering the working world, there are a number of goals I have for myself, especially when it comes to staying fit and healthy, with cases like those who grow fatter due to rich lunches and being too tired to exercise after work etc. And I most definitely do not want to gain back the weight I have lost in the first quarter of 2015. I think I have been pretty blessed with a nice working hours of 9.30am to 6.30pm; it just means I have no excuse for a morning exercise….right? 😛

So I suppose I will add on to this list here, of any routines and/or goals I intend to achieve. It will be hard, but it’s for the future 🙂


1) Choose type of exercise to do the night before, wear exercise clothes to bed, sleep by latest midnight to wake up between 6am to 6.30am (depending on duration of exercise), to finish exercising by 7.30am, out of shower by 7.45am, dressed up by 8am, breakfast and out of the house by latest 8.20am so as to reach work by 9.30am.

2) Make sure healthy snacks are on hand (cereal, yoghurt etc.)

3) Brisk walk to workplace from MRT and vice versa.

4) Plan the to-do list for the day on the way to work.


1) ST – Build a mini home gym of my own (research on what are the essentials) (so far: kettlebell/medicine ball, the ball used for abs workout)

2) ST – Good quality sportswatch

3) ST – Go Hair removal salon MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO to do hair removal!!!

4) ST – Saving as much as I can (hopefully can hit 30% per month)

5) LT – At least $50000 for wedding (SIGH)

6) LT – $TBC for house renovations…?

7) LT – $TBC for Europe backpacking honeymoon

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